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What is a Land Survey?

    A land survey is performed by a registered professional land surveyor for the purpose of describing, monumenting and mapping the boundaries and improvements of a parcel of land. A land survey will locate upon the ground the land that your deed describes.

Why Do I Need A Land Survey?

  • To protect the investment you are about to make when buying land.
  • If you are buying or selling a piece of real property, most lending institutions will require a current survey for the purpose of revealing potential problems with boundary lines, easements 
  • If you are getting ready to build a fence or other improvement near a property line.
  • If a property line or property corner is unknown or in dispute, or if you believe someone is encroaching on your land.
  • If you plan on dividing your land up to sell or if a will orders land divided up.

How Much Will A Land Survey Cost?

   An estimate of cost can normally be furnished to you by the land surveyor. Land surveying cost is dependent upon several factors such as the type of survey required, the type of terrain, an the availability of existing records and monuments. In addition to salary costs, surveying fees include an allowance for business overhead, such as taxes, office rent, and other items of cost essential for a surveying service.


What will the surveyor provide to me?

  • A written agreement or contract that states what will be surveyed, the type of survey, and when it will be delivered; the agreed upon fee, who will pay for the survey and when payment will be rendered.
  • A map of the property surveyed that is signed, sealed and certified by the surveyor, showing what was surveyed, and, depending on the type of survey, such things as what corners were found and set, improvements, and encroachments across the boundaries
  • For boundary surveys, permanent monuments, such as iron rebars or iron pipes, at the property corners.
  • A survey description of the land that can be used in a deed.
  • Professional consultation answering any questions you might have about your survey.

What information does the surveyor need from me?

  • The legal description of the property(metes and bounds description; lot, block and subdivision name; or deed recording information.)
  • The exact purpose for the survey, so the surveyor can determine what type of survey you need
  • A copy of title commitment or report
  • A copy of plats or plans showing boundaries
  • All available information regarding disputes over corners or boundaries
All information you may have about the location of your lines or corners.
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